The Christmas Cactus

Cactus Plant Flower

Years ago my former beloved boss Al (may he rest in peace) gave me his Christmas Cactus when he was changing jobs out of our building to another location within the company.  This plant sat on his desk for several years, and went on to sit on my desk a few cubicles down for a good handful of years more under the same florescent lighting.  Not once in all its time in this cubicle farm did it ever bloom.  It just sat there day-in and day-out like the rest of us surviving the best that it could.

When I was laid off in August, the plant and I both had our lives changed.  We no longer were tied to that cubicle farm to sit under the oppressive florescent lighting.  The plant went on to be re-potted, and was placed on a cabinet in front of a big window with wonderful morning light.  After years of never seeing this plant flower, I noticed a small bud a few weeks ago.  Today it has come into full bloom, and it is truly a magnificent sight!

Sometimes in our lives we just need a change.  That change might not always be one that we decide for ourselves, but rather a change that is forced upon us.  At the time it may seem like the worst possible thing, but in reality it is the push we needed to see there is something better out there for us…better light, better surroundings, better opportunities.

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