Breaking Out of Braces

For the last 18 months my mouth has housed metal and rubber bands.  My teeth that were somewhat imperfect were transformed slowly (and painfully at times) into straight loveliness.  It has definitely been a journey, but the end results are well worth it.  Now I have 6 months of wearing clear retainers almost full-time and then transitioning to night time wear only, but this is the easy part.

I just don’t understand the Invisalign commercial that talks about “putting your life on hold” with metal braces.  I feel in no way my life was put on hold at all.  The braces even played into the cute nerdy side of me that I embrace fully (short girl in glasses with a Dr. Who t-shirt and braces…thank you yes!).  What made it an even better experience was doing this with my teenage son.  He has 6-8 more months to go, but when he said he was really in pain I KNEW what he was feeling.  We both had milkshakes and pain killers for dinner on those days.


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