Wedges of Wednesday

Lake 2

It was a lovely morning once again to walk around the lake.  It’s funny how I’ve gone from saying “Good Morning” to my former co-workers as I walk past their desks to saying “Good Morning” to people who are becoming more familiar to me with each walk around the lake.  These people come from all walks of life (pun intended), and I like to think about their lives and what brings them out in the mornings to make the 2 mile trek.

This morning I saw a senior couple walking hand-in-hand.  It was almost like the woman was leading the man the way they were holding hands.  Her hand was in the dominate front position which looked a bit awkward to me as she was so much shorter than him.  But they walked steadily down the paved path quietly.  They shared a set of ear buds, and I wondered what they were listening to.  With every person that passed them the woman gave a friendly “Good Morning” with a sweet smile.

There is also a female senior who walks her little dog.  I’ve seen her every morning I walk (she walks the path the opposite direction I do), and she always says hello.  She wears a long-sleeved lightweight coat that seems to swallow her completely and a hat to shade her eyes.  I wonder about her life…if she had a husband and what she does to fill her day after she finishes her morning walk.

I talked with a man today who I’ve seen many times making the walk.  He asked if he could walk with me, and we made idle chit-chat while I finished up my lap around.  I’m a super nice person so it’s hard for me to say something like, “I’m sorry but I like to walk alone, listen to my music, and think.”  Before parting he gave me a piece of paper with his phone number saying he would like to get to know me more.  I’m just going to let that sit I think.  Maybe I should purchase a fake wedding band to ward off the unwanted attention…I guess me with no makeup, braces, frazzled hair, and covered in sweat isn’t enough of a deterrent. *sigh*

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