Broken Journey Into Unemployment (Post 3)

Week 2 of unemployment and I decided to not take my morning walk today.  The weather looked dismal (foggy and dark clouds), and I had a 9:30 orientation call for the transitioning service my former employer is paying for me to use for 30 days.  My resume looks terrible since I haven’t written one in 18 years, and the formatting has changed so much since then.  I’m really hoping they can help me with this.  I still have to decide what I want to do career-wise (stick it out with telecom or move on to something different), but either way I still need a solid resume!

Now I am planning the rest of my afternoon.  I have a mosaic I’m currently working on so that is at the top of the list (over cleaning my bathroom floor and dusting the house…those do not appeal to me today).  I can really see why people of retirement age who are financially secure do not retire.  Unless you have hobbies or volunteer there are a lot of hours in the day to try to fill to keep boredom at bay.

Now it’s time for lunch!

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