Sharp Shards of Speakerphone

I sit here in my cube cringing while listening to a co-worker who sits 15 feet away have an exhaustive conversation on speakerphone.  This is like nails on a chalkboard to me…the tinny monotone of the caller’s voice coming through just drives me completely bonkers to the point I cannot concentrate on anything I’m working on.  My Facebook friends know this too well as this has been the topic of many ranting posts.

Dear co-worker, we do not need to hear both sides of your conversation (work-related or personal).  We do not need to know that you are pissed off because a deal did not go through, or that your friend is suffering from back problems.  We do not need to know that you plan to go to TJ Max after you finish your last call of the day with a customer so you can buy a new white blouse.  We just do not need to know these things about you.  If we really wanted to know more about your personal life we would initiate conversation with you and get to know you on a personal level.  However, we do not care to do this so PLEASE use your headset.  If the call is of a very personal nature then go into one of the many conference rooms and talk on speaker until you are hoarse.  Just spare those of us who sit around you from having to hear it.

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