Bobbles of blah

My creativity has left me temporarily.  Normally I would spend my evenings breaking tile and creating colorful mosaics.  However, lately I have been finding comfort in sitting on my couch with a super-soft blanket enjoying the bright colors from the television.

Food TV, Cooking Channel, Science Channel, HGTV, FYI…these are my “tiles” I divide myself up into to get joy 30 minutes at a time.  So I find myself coming up with all sorts of projects to do around my house that will never happen, think of amazing meals to cook for dinner parties I will never have, and learn all sorts of useless knowledge that will only serve me well on a trivia night in the bar with a few drinks.

I know my creative juices will start flowing again soon.  Once my mind is not cluttered with thoughts of getting through this last week of employment, once I have the time during the day, once I walk into my study and feel the nippers and the tile…then I will get the urge back to create.  You will know I’ve started to create again when you see me and notice my hands.  They give away the tell-tale signs of an artist who works with her hands…the dryness from the grout, the cuts from the sharp tile edges, the rough nails.  But with those less-than-perfect hands comes the oh-so-satisfying smile on my face.

But for tonight (and probably the rest of this week) here I sit on my comfortable red couch with my plush blue blanket watching how tortillas are mass-produced on the FYI channel.  I’m craving Mexican food for some reason…

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