Fragmented email

My mission today is to try to finish writing my farewell work email to be sent out later next week.  I am usually pretty fluid with the words, but this email is just stumping me.  I’ve been trying to compose it for a week now, and I’m still no closer to conveying my feelings of gratitude in a way that doesn’t make me sound like a sentimental blubbering idiot.  I also don’t want it to be too brief with the usual “thanks and I’m out” message.

These people have been my family (just remember in a family you have the people you love with all your heart, the people who you like okay, and the people…well, you know those other people too), but they all shape you in their own ways.  I write something and then back-space the sentence completely because the words are just not right.  This is a never-ending battle of perfection!  Fortunately there is a deadline so I suppose in the end what I come up with will just have to be good enough.

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