Sifting through the bits

So today I started sifting through my 18 years worth of notebooks and binders in my cubicle.  It’s crazy how you file something away, and you never look at it again.  What was I thinking 15 years ago when I filed that obscure document in one of my many binders?  Now 15 years later I see it just sat there taking up space and collected a thin line of dust.  Today that document, and many others, are now in the shred bin.  I can’t take them with me anyway as they are proprietary information.

What am I taking with me?  Of course I will take all my knickknacks and awards…my desk is full of little mementos from over the years.  Mostly I will be taking away my memories and friendships; those do not need a box.

I’ll get back to the packing now.  More posts later for sure. 🙂

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