A shattered career

I have known for 6 months now my job would be ending.  In those 6 months I have gone through a wide range of emotions from denial to pure sadness.  For 18 years I have worked in the same group in some capacity, and in less than 2 weeks from now that will all come to an end.  When I dwell on it too long I definitely find I need a Kleenex.  It’s just hard to imagine not wearing a badge, docking my laptop at my desk, and spending 8 1/2 hours in my ergonomically correct chair working on circuits and answering questions related to my job knowledge.

My plan is to just take some time off.  I have my resume updated, although it just does not feel complete to me.  This is the plan anyway, but people tell me I will not last 4 months “sitting around the house”.  But I won’t be just sitting.  I’m not sure they understand that even though I tell them I want to focus on me, and work on my mosaics.  I want to do something I truly enjoy where my biggest concern with my mosaics is slicing my finger open (nothing a Band-Aid can’t fix).  My biggest concern with my current job is having a customer go down, and not being able to fix the situation quickly.  It can be quite stressful at times.

So probably you will be reading a lot about this in my blogs…how I’m coping with the loss of my job, and how I’m feeling from day-to-day.  We’ll see how this goes!

2 thoughts on “A shattered career

  1. You will be missed, that’s for sure. Here we are, 2 people working for the same company hundreds of miles apart, but paths often crossed in mutual goals of taking care of our customers. Grateful that I now can call you “friend” and know about your passions beyond circuits and pvcs and gold car. My wish for you is nothing but happiness and joy and I am glad that I get to witness your journey. You are one of the best, my friend!

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    1. Awww thank you my lovely friend! Not only are you talented in your photography, but also in your words! I won’t be far away…just a few keystrokes. And you know you can always vent to me about all acronyms that give heartburn. 😉 *hugs*


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