A big piece of my heart


I was not expecting my first blog post to be about my sweet boy Moses, but life does not always work out how we want it to.  I got Moses when he was 4 months old.  He was such a spirited whippet, and such a good boy.  And yes, he was sooooo fast!  We lived in a house with a long back yard in his younger days, and he would tear out of his dog door and run laps around and around at break-neck speeds followed by coming back inside for a long drink of water and a rest.  He slowed down in his senior years due to arthritis, but his love of a good trot never left him.

Moses was the best dog a boy could grow up with since he was so patient and had such a good nature .  He was my constant companion for nearly 16 years…almost a little too constant at times being under foot in the kitchen waiting for something to come his way in the form of anything food related.  The kids in the neighborhood called him the Tiger Dog because of his beautiful brindle coloring.  He was always ready to accept pets from anyone willing to give them, although he was not keen on crossing paths with other dogs.

The day that changed our lives was July 28th…just a couple weeks ago.  I worked from home that day.  He spent a lot of the day sleeping which is not unusual for him, and sharing my lunch with me (he loved potato chips).  I left to take my son for an appointment in the afternoon.  When we got back 1 1/2 hours later Moses was already gone.  We found him in the backyard.  I was completely devastated and just broke down.  My 13 year old son was my rock.  I am still amazed by his strength in that situation.  Later that evening we switched places and I was his rock.  Moses has always been in my son’s life, and realizing he was gone really hit my son hard.

This really is a getting by one day at a time thing.  Our days are emptier without Moses greeting us when we come home, and missing the routines and unconditional love he brought to our lives.  We are slowly putting his things away (food bowls, dog beds, etc.), but our love for him will never fade.

Run like the wind baby.  Run and be free.

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